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Learn the ins and outs of starting a fingerprinting business with our 2024 Workshop Training. Our expert-led workshops will provide the necessary knowledge and skills to launch your business successfully. The workshop focuses on the practical steps needed, with scientific and objective language and hands-on training.

The trainer encourages students to participate in these small classes.

What you would learn: (much more)

  • How To Start Your Business The Right Way
  • Understanding the regulations of the state of Maryland and VA
  • Business Credit (speaker)
  • Book Keeping (speaker)
  • What is a Collector
  • Expenses
  • Business Insurance/Legal (speaker)
  • Purchasing Your Equipment
  • How To Get Customers

Students will understand the state regulations for starting their business, the pros and cons, and how to find a niche in the fingerprinting business and make it profitable. They will also learn how to use fingerprinting equipment properly and use traditional ink roll. In addition, all participants will receive a certificate of participation in training and a package of information to start their business valued at $90


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